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We advise that all news and updates are for general information only and that these news and updates are not tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. We also advise that the news and updates uploaded to this site are only current as at the date of publication and are not updated according to changes. Please contact our office for individual and tailored advice to suit your needs. .

Keys and Locks?

13 September 2013 Are you looking forward to the settlement of your dream home and thinking and dreaming about what it will be like to move into new home? It might be a good idea to stop and think about about the keys to your new home. A lot of people do not think to try the locks of their home when they are inspecting the property and this ... READ MORE

New Body Corporate Disclosure Requirements

22 August 2013 Sellers and Agents should take special note that there is now a new and updated Form 14 Information Sheet for sales of properties in a Community Titles Scheme. We recommend uploading the new form when preparing any contracts from ... READ MORE

Selling Waterfront property on the Gold Coast?

8 August 2013 We draw your attention to the new Gold Coast City Council Local Law 17 (Maintenance of Works in Waterway Areas) which affects anyone selling property on waterfront. The law imposes additional disclosure requirements when selling waterfront properties which contain or are connected to revetment walls, training walls, jetties and pontoons ... READ MORE

Overseas Witnessing - Who is acceptable to the Land Titles Office in Queensland

8 May 2013 If you are overseas when it comes time to sign important documentation in relation to your conveyance it can often be difficult to find a witness who is accepted by the Land Titles office in Queensland. To make things easier the Land Titles office has set out a list of persons and their qualifications who are acceptable to witness documents ... READ MORE

Selling a house with a tenancy in place?

Are you selling a house and have a tenancy agreement in place?  There are many factors to consider when selling a property with a tenancy agreement in place and it is important to give adequate and correct disclosure to the buyer of your property. A buyer should always be given the current information regarding the tenancy agreement including ... READ MORE

Paying out your home loan?

Congratulations if you have made it to the special day where you are going to pay out your mortgage! What a big achievement to reach in one's life and you will probably be popping a bottle of champagne, enjoying some cheese and crackers and looking back on life and its success.  This is where most people stop but you must ensure that ... READ MORE


Insurance It is important to remember that on many purchase contracts in Queensland the property becomes the risk of the buyer within 24 hours from the time that the contract is signed. This is something that many buyers do not realise and a failure to ensure that you have adequate insurance over the property to cover you can lead to disaster ... READ MORE

First Home Owners Grant

The Queensland First Home Owners Grant The recent government budgets have recently extended the end of the first home owners grant of $15,000- $20,000.00. This is fantastic news for first home buyers who may be eligible if they signed a contract for a new home or off the plan property between the 1st July 2016 and the 31 December 2017. There is ... READ MORE